Modeling Agencies - Runway Workshop

The Runway Workshop at Launch Model & Talents helps students learn the basic techniques practiced in modeling schools around the globe. Students will learn to handle a runway show or audition as well as developing skills needed to improve appearance through poise, posture, and walking. Instruction in modeling classes is given in many different types of modeling including High Fashion Runway, Trunk Shows, Promotional Modeling, and Informal Modeling. At the completion of the workshop, the student will know how to walk with poise and confidence, be able to demonstrate the different types of runway walking, know how to prepare for a runway audition or a go see, be capable of demonstrating professional cosmetic techniques and hairstyling, and be able to participate in and help organize a fashion show.

Our program is available for Children, Preteen, Teen and Adult and surpasses the expectations and learning strategies practiced in most modeling agencies in New Orleans.

OBJECTIVE: Learn the basic techniques for runway and fashion shows. Improve visual presentation through better posture and poise. The class will present a fashion show at the end of the 10-week session.

Unlike other modeling agencies in New Orleans, Launch Model and Talent is able to provide attentive instruction to each of our students. To learn more, contact Launch Model & Talent today.

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