The Life Workshop

The Life Workshop: at Launch Model & Talent  will prepare you for the future, as well as give you the leading edge for today. It is not only meant for aspiring actors and models; this course can and should be taken by anyone wanting to excel and succeed. The workshop teaches personal development skills that help students achieve higher self-esteem, overcome shyness and gain overall confidence. Topics covered in this workshop include public speaking, manners, etiquette, grooming, creating a great first impression, voice and diction, fashion coordination and wardrobe, visual poise, and goal setting. At the completion of the workshop, the student will have an improved self image, an enhanced outer appearance, and be more aware when in professional and social environments.
Available for Children, Preteen, Teen and Adults

  • 1-Darielle-Stewart-Success
  • 2-Mary-Risener-Success
  • 3-Brad-Alphonso-Success
  • 4-Allsion-Gobuzzi-Success
  • 5-Sean-Cunningham-Success
  • 6-Tadasay-Young-Success
  • 1b-Addison-Riecke-Success
  • 2b-Lauren-Gobuzzi-Success
  • 3b-Isaac-White-Success
  • 4b-Bianca-Finch-Success
  • 5b-Craig-Tate-Success
  • 6b-Madison-Wolfe-Success