Fashion - Commercial Print Workshop

Fashion and Commercial Print Workshop at Launch Model & Talent helps students develop skills necessary to work successfully as a model. This workshop will teach students about photo posing, body alignment, the differences between editorial and commercial photography, hair and makeup styling, and how to conduct themselves on an audition. At the completion of the workshop, the student will know the fundamentals of photography work, how to pose more naturally and confidently, and how to market themselves to agents.

Available for Preteen, Teen and Adults
  • 1-1ar
  • 1-2tj
  • 1-3mmw
  • 1-4lb
  • 1-5bh
  • 1-6sc
  • 2-1ct
  • 2-2fd
  • 2-3iw
  • 2-4lh
  • 2-5ty
  • 2-6mw
  • 3-1ss
  • 3-2ab
  • 3-3wm
  • 3-4za
  • 3-5cg
  • 3-6ba
  • 4-1bf
  • 4-2lg
  • 4-3ag
  • 4-4cb
  • 4-5bt
  • 4-6ck